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Why can’t I sleep?
Sleep is important but how important is it actually to you? In society, today we are taught that you need things, like a social life and meat in every meal in order to be happy and healthy. This isn’t always true. Unfortunately, when searching for ways to create that better life we find opinions. Here at SleepFinally.com I have created a website that is based on my experience and success with facing insomnia. I had insomnia from childhood but now I have found out how to face it and actually use it to my advantage.
If you’re willing to listen to my opinion on this subject you will learn just how to get the sleep routine you need in order to free yourself from insomnia. Of course, there are many other sleep disorders but this website is geared towards those who are up late at night trying to sleep finally.
When you were young you probably made a promise to yourself or at least had an idea about who you wanted to be. If you are not living up to your full potential or have come to acceptance of failure this is something that is communicated in your body by chemical reactions. Just like if your riding a bike and almost get hit by a bus, you feel a reaction in your body because your in fight or flight, or maybe shock. Well these aren’t the only times your body tries to communicate to you. If you take time to listen to your body you may figure out more about yourself than what you know now. Meditation helps but you must understand that it takes time.
If you’re a person who sets a lot of goals than this could be something that keeps you up at night. Like if you feel that you left the stove or oven on you may be motivated to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off. This also goes for things that make you happy in your life. If you want success but aren’t actively working toward it you may have even placed your success on the back burner. Your mind never really forgets. Even if it doesn’t come up on your conscious mind it is somewhere stored in your mind. A way to understand this is simply sit down in a quiet room and try to clear your mind of all your thoughts. This takes a couple of minutes and when your doing this you can allow thoughts to come and go as they will until you are able to have a clear mind and focus solely on your breathing. Now think about a stressful event or passed failure and remember the moment. See how it feels when you think about the moment and how it actually makes your body feel. What does your body communicate with you, do you feel disappointed or have you let it go and have no emotion that is evoked? Generally, you will start to notice that when you look back at events in your life there is an emotion that is linked to each little event. Understanding these emotions is important because sometimes not doing what your body tells you will make you restless. So, if you’re not a meditator than this is a good place to start understanding what your deepest intentions are and what your true self is trying to communicate to you. Now I know that you’re on this site because you want to sleep. So, I do have other suggestions of course but above all a clear mind can help you with any problem. I will cover more in my blogs to come.